GPS Compass Speedometer Pro

GPS Compass Speedometer Pro knows your heading, location, track distance, ETA etc. and can navigate you to saved waypoints easily. The power of this app is that you get almost all the functionality and information in one screen. This makes it easy to use while driving for example. Save a waypoint just by using one tap and rename it later in your convenience.
GPS Compass Speedometer Pro provides:

- Compass heading. Magnetic or GPS mode.

- Arrow showing bearing to destination.

- Current, average and maximum speed.

- Track distance which is the travelled distance since last reset.

- Elapsed time since last reset.

- ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) and remaing time to reach destination.

- Distance i.e. remaining distance to destination.

- Current position in Latitude-Longitude decimal format.

- Current Date and Time as well as Sunrise and Sunset times.

- Address at current location.

- Option to switch between Metric and Imperial units.
Click here to download. (OS: Android)

French Billiards for Windows (portable)

Play classic French billiards and collect extra stars and bonus points for hitting cushions before a carambola. The aim is to hit the red ball and the yellow ball with the white ball. If you hit cushions before hitting the two balls you earn extra points and stars. The ultimate goal is to get 4 stars (hit 4 cushions) at all levels.

Simple hit (no cushions): 10 points One cushion hit: 20 points, Two cushions hit: 30 points, Three cushions hit: 40 points, Four cushions hit: 80 points. Enjoy 2400 levels and unlimited practice in this version.

Click here to download. (OS: Windows)

ISDN SuperSpy Plus 3.0.34

A very useful program for netMod owners! Change all your netMod settings using this simple and easy to use interface. Save setting profiles to your netMod memory with one click. A caller ID feature is available to monitor all calls even when your line is busy. You get a phonebook to organise numbers and get caller ID with photos.
A serial port which is compatible with the Microsoft serial com control. Built-in com ports almost always are compatible.
Click here to download. (OS: Windows)

Retina Calculator

Wonder at what distance your device is retina? Just run this app! If the retina distance is less than the typical viewing distance then your display is retina. You can calculate retina distance and PPI for any device.

- Retina is the distance at which the pixels are so small that they are no longer individually visible.
- All displays are retina given enough distance. Therefore what really matters is actual viewing distance.
- The calculation uses a value of 60 pixels per degree (PPD) for defining retina. Sometimes a lower PPD is used for retina calculation as low as 57.5 PPD.
- Most people will perceive displays as retina at a smaller distance than the one calculated by the app because the 60 PPD definition assumes perfect vision.

*Retina is an Apple Inc. trademark for high resolution displays

Click here to download. (OS: Android)