Medical Data Acquisition

Low level programming of systems in C for the acquisition and analysis of real-time medical data in cardiology including ECG, blood pressure and blood flow. This project was done at St Mary's Hospital London.

VLSI Design

Integrated circuit design for the implementation of a discrete-time transfer function for the processing of video signals using MOSFET technology.

Virtual Reality

In depth research of Human-Computer Interface Systems with particular emphasis on Virtual Reality and its applications.

Digital Image Processing

Digital image analysis of MRI images assisting doctors in the automatic detection of tumours. The wavelet transform was used for the analysis combined with my RLS algorithm (not to be confused with Recursive Least Squares) in order to detect specific textures in MRI images.

Patient Information Folder

A software engineering project for the design and development of a multi-modality computer based information folder for primary care. This project was done as part of the work of the International Consortium for Medical Imaging Technology (ICMIT).

Fleet Management

Porting of a UNIX based radar linked naval navigation system for the exchange of GPS data between vessels to Linux. Code in C.


A project involved in adapting a major e-learning platform for the greek market. Mostly HTML and Java based.

Infrastructure Sharing

A web based application for the sharing of information on Greece's infrastructure. This project was developed for the University of Patras Research Committee as part of the research program 'Ippodamos'. Code in HTML, Java and JavaScript.