GPS Compass Speedometer Pro app released for Android devices.


Ancient Greek Calculator app released for Microsoft Windows and Android.


True Time app released for Microsoft Windows. Ever wonder when exactly the true New Year comes?


Alternative Screensaver Starter app released for Microsoft Windows 10.


Retina Calculator app released for Android devices.


A-Level Mathematics android app has more than 5000 active users. This app contains handwritten notes for maths revision.


Existon Internet Radio no longer streaming. Thank you all listeners!


Existon releases its first application for Android (Greek Namedays).


Gallery Manager 2.1 released!


Final version of ISDN Superspy Plus released. An ISDN Modem (netmod) controller software.

Welcome to Existon!

I am an engineer in electronics and biomedical systems, a physical scientist and also  an artist, somewhat funny and somewhat hilarious, reverse psychologist, master empathologist, project manager and consultant. I have a great interest in computers, technology, electronics, science and everything living. In the projects section you can find information on a few projects I have been involved with. Have a look at my CV here.

To Code is to create

My favourite languages are C, C#, Java, VB.Net, PHP, JavaScript and Pascal. I like Visual Studio and Android Studio which are my favorite programming platforms.

Crude Map of the Universe

The Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist. According to our current understanding, the Universe consists of spacetime, forms of energy , and the physical laws that relate them. The Universe encompasses all of life and all of history.
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